Date of measurement 2019-05-16
Index of measurement run 1
Sample name Figure1d_03_Beads_Size_Initial
Number of recorded events 2.012e+04
Start time of measurement 15:30:13

Software ShapeIn 2.0.6
Modules used AcCellerator
Flow rate in channel 0.08 µL/s
Imaged chip region channel
Medium used 0.59% MC-PBS
Sample flow rate 1.654e-43 µL/s
Sheath flow rate 0.06 µL/s
Unique setup identifier ZMDD-AcC-c334f9-91bd67
Width of microfluidic channel 30 µm

Image height 100 px
Image width 250 px
Image x coordinate on sensor 629 px
Image y coordinate on sensor 512 px
Imaging frame rate 4000 Hz
Light source device type LED (ZMD L1)
Light source flash duration 2 µs
Pixel size 0.34 µm

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